Living with a teenager can be difficult in many respects, confusion and instability characterizes this stage that young people are discovering what it means to be adults. The room becomes a shelter for boys and girls, often in their decor a means of expressing your personality and tastes. It happens that in this transitional stage young people are still discovering much of themselves and it is common to suffer sudden changes, which are sometimes reflected in extravagant or inappropriate tastes. The decor of the room in your teen can be a topic that generates discussions within the home if you try to impose your criteria, or one that helps you connect to it if you listen to their opinions. Here are some guidelines that will serve you for this task. Let’s talk about how to decorate a kids room.

kids room


A mistake that is often conceive a youth room in a mature way too or just the opposite. The decor must have the right balance between what characterizes a nursery and an adult. With this in mind and views your child to share with you about how you would like shine your room, you will begin work on the decor.

Wall colors

Forget the pastel shades like pink or light blue for the walls, the room will undergo a radical change starting from here. From the color palette you can choose the most cheerful and vibrant hues, denoting all the energy that has a young at this age. The wallpaper and decorative vinyls are other creative options that can explode at work on the walls.
A combination of neutral tones can also work, these colors combine with all other and denote maturity, so it’s likely that your child seems good.

Fun accessories

With accessories you can play as you want, you have a variety to give you some fun touches to a youth room. You can use as decoration pattern film or your child’s favorite band, and place details such as posters or pictures on the walls. Young people enjoy showing their personal tastes, so also appreciate their magazines, records, movies or favorite video games are in sight. For the girls’ interests generally are mainly directed at the fashion and cosmetics, so that this issue should also highlight the decor. Another creative idea is to place in the room one cork board, acrylic or metal, where young people can post photos, magazine clippings or memories of his friends.


When choosing furniture designs chooses to break with the seriousness and formality of traditional furniture. The puffs can be comfortable and fun seating positions to enter some notes of color in the bedroom.
As young people are not noted for being lovers of order, it is important to have sufficient storage space for your clothes, books, video games, toiletries, etc. You can choose multifunctional furniture that optimize space and not let too many of these objects visible. Beds with drawers and cupboards under options are also widely used, although the ideal will be to have a nest as an extra option if a friend is left overnight bed.

Study area

You can not miss a space in the room for your child to do homework and use the computer. A key element in the decoration of this area is the desktop, which should be large enough to perform these tasks comfortably. The chair will be placed in this space is recommended that is ergonomic and support, so look good posture during study hours.