The white as the main color of interior decoration, is increasingly in vogue. Many people may think that decorating an entire house this color can be boring and it is quite the opposite. Decorate White offers the possibility of a different house every time you want, as the versatility of this tone can be combined with any color and texture. Lets talk about how to decorate a house white.

how to decorate a house

As if that were not enough, inspired decorations in white offering an atmosphere of elegance, cleanliness, gentleness and serenity at home. If you are planning to remodel or soon you’re moving and still do not know how you want to look your new home, we invite you to read this article on how to decorate a white house .

Decorate a white house ceased to be a technique of minimalist style . At present white has no place in any style of decor , so the first thing to discover is which style you prefer to decorate your space and according to their characteristics include white as the main element. Choose your style decoration and get to work.

Once you have your decorating style, you can start for taking care of the characteristic details that involves decorating a house white. Start with the walls , which should paint all white to get that atmosphere of elegance, cleanliness and peace. You can paint them as you wish: textured, untextured some detail within the wall or in the simplest way, the only prerequisite is that they preponderance of white.

To decorate a white house you must also choose a floor or ground to combine . As this color is so versatile anything goes. However, there are some finishes that look best on a white decor. For example, the polished concrete, white marble and parquet very clear tone are excellent choices to create harmony. Avoid dark floors that can steal the warmth white suggests.

You have the floor and walls! What’s next? The sofa . As with the paint you can choose the texture or material that most want, however, buy furniture in white is one of the keys to decorate a house in white. Furniture can be with legs and armrests in wood or other material or color, what really matters is that the seat is white.

When decorating a house white is also recommended to choose shades this color. A wall like curtains will help you all the decoration is in harmony and create a beautiful light in your space that will reduce the use and installation of artificial light. So you can vary your decor is recommended to have an extra pie of curtains in another color to alternate use.

Surely you’re wondering whether to decorate a white house no no possibility of using another color . Why, yes, indeed, for that matter. The decorations on white accent and offer attractive finish what other tones that create contrast, but all attention like the red-colored is not stolen.

How can we achieve this? Well you should start by choosing a palette of up to four colors, which can be in pastels or bold hues, it is important that combine among all and has great harmony among the four tones.

A perfect example is decorating a house white and combine with accents in light brown, pastel blue, beige and light aqua. If you prefer bright colors because what you think choosing green grass, yellow, blue and fuchsia. Creativity is the limit.

When you know what the palette with which you want to decorate a house in white you should know how and where to use colors. Simple! In the accessories. Pillows, blankets, extra pair of curtains, books, paintings, kitchen cabinets, furniture or shelves, library, tables, ornaments, etc. Of course, not everything will be colored, you have to find a balance so that it always remains the predominant white color, remember that the use of other colors is only for decoration accents.

The style of furniture can be according to your choice of style of decoration, the point is that if, for example, you’ll have a fuchsia table, you make sure the rest of the furniture that will complement are white. Furniture in light wood or metallic finish are highly recommended to decorate a house white, for they are nothing flashy.