Are you planning to build a bar in your house and you are looking for ideas to make it perfect? ​​Note that a fundamental rule is that a home bar should be integrated into space and not to clash or be isolated from the rest of the stay. For that, here are some facts that will be useful to note and to enjoy a bar at home as soon as possible with friends and guests.

home bar

1. Space to locate the bar most advisable is a private space, the living room or the dining room where you can feel comfortable, relax and receive friends.

2. IN salami the bar will be in the room, it is the height of the bar is like the dining table.

3. The material for the bar is much better aesthetically if you use the same table (wood, granite, glass, etc).

4. Choose stools, since this will stay better than the banks.

5. IN the place you chose for the bar ‘s lounge, bar recommended height is 1.10 m.

6. Choose the same upholstered dining chairs that and will achieve the bar is better to integrate all the decoration and was more elegant.

7. If you have wooden furniture, opt for the same tone and style for the bar. The same if you have metal or combined furniture, select this option for both the bar as all the seats.

8. IN Exteriors have pool terrace or opt for a pergola, tejaban or palatal are perfect to locate there the bar.

9. If you want you can best preserve the area roofing and place an enclosure if you are looking for more privacy.

10. Subdued lighting is going well. You can place spots on the bar or a pair of medium sized pendant lamps.

11. Do not forget to place a stereo nearby bar to have music available to accompany your meetings.

12. In accessories for a bar , trays or ceramic bowls and glassware must-haves, like a corkscrew, ice bucket, cocktail shaker, mixer, juicer, cutting board, a small fridge, but of course, everything depends on the space available for your bar.

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