When summer approaches us are looking forward to a dip in the pool. It is true that it takes time and care to keep but also gives us a great time. we want to learn how to decorate a garden pool to make the most of this space. Do not stop reading!

how to decorate a garden

Decorate around the garden

When decorating your garden reminds you to not only reserved for the pool since the time when not in use is more than the one used. Remember to book a space for sun loungers, chill out area and outdoor dining. Therefore, it is often advisable to place the pool at one end to enjoy the rest of the garden areas broadly. Remember if there are small children in the house, pool fence to prevent accidents. Finally, choose the type of pool you want. All you have thousands of forms but also features such as saltwater, chlorine or natural.

Loungers and mattresses

What is a pool without a good lounger to sit and sunbathe after a bath? It is desirable to have at least a couple of these and place them next to water and that use is almost always linked. For example, we like Condom Vela lounger because it has a lift back so you can adjust it according to the use we are going to give. In this article we tell you how to decorate a garden in summer . Are also ideal 1Tapiza the mats you can use both on and off the water and place it in different formats like poof, I padded lounger, independent seat, etc.

Your dining area

After the bath usually get hungry, so there’s nothing better to keep the open air and enjoy a refreshing meal. It is convenient to put one outside dining area or porch awnings to avoid direct sunlight in the middle of the day. We also recommend that obliques in a house close to the area to reduce the space in the kitchen and avoid falls or unnecessary discomfort. It will be more comfortable for you and enjoy it more. We like the Bandolier table Vite Outdoors. It is modern, elegant and sophisticated. Light appearance, perfect to counter the heat and create a fresh feel.