Encourage fantasy, creating an attractive space for children to play plus rest, do your homework and be happy, can be achieved by decorating a child’s room with the magic to turn it into a dream. Mom has several ideas, but support it is appropriate for these suggestions from the budget available to develop their creativity, either breaking conventions in design and color of the walls or furniture. Often contrasting tones captivate by offering a vision of something that at first we thought it was not going to work. Since the days of the blue for boys and pink for girls they have been left forgotten, but not discarded, and the most daring choose other more suggestive. Lets talk about how to decorate a child’s room.

how to decorate a child's room


Now alike it used to line the walls with wallpaper, where stands the special touch provided by animals, boats, airplanes, flowers, butterflies, roundabouts or houses, fairy tale characters and animals or drawings. We will offer to the kids, thus, the opportunity to live out her fantasy and feel part of that environment. But light shades such as lilac, green, yellow chick, soft salmon, alternating with white and beige, going well if they are combined with the furniture, curtains and carpets, giving more light to the room and a fresh look, with which is also the small feel comfortable and enjoy tranquility and concentration. We will have to enhance dolls, paintings and illustrations the walls, where the same may be affixed to a blackboard where the kid paint, write and practice their homework.


When selecting furniture for decorating children’s rooms must have sufficient mental agility to project into the future, because children grow by day and what was right in the first months or years of life, then it will be small. Hence, it is necessary to select a multifunctional furniture where the bed, tables, wardrobe with shelf dividers exercise and other supplements may, other pieces of wood or material with which it was manufactured, increasing proportions.

It is very important not to neglect the designs, because they can provide additional detail of good taste and imagination, suggesting from a basket of medium proportions, or the headboard shaped boat, car or castle princess, but can also be used silhouettes wood and decorative ribbons. The small required to have adequate security and comfort in your room and have to ensure that there are no sharp objects, mattresses without quality requirements, or harmful items such as accent pieces that may hurt if they break or medications within reach. Must equal kept covered wall outlets.


The profusion of stuffed animals in the bedroom has been declining over time, because sometimes cause allergy, so other supplements are seeking to develop the skills of children, and many parents who just favor a minimalist style , flattering luminosity and hygiene of the room and characterized by simplicity and clear spaces. Always use some drawers and shelves to keep toys organized, which have among their serve and enjoy entertainment features, but in turn are educational, why it is important to ensure the right balance.

Obviously, it is essential to find the right toy for every age and time and be very aware of the role it will have on child development. To all the moms and dads we like to play with our children, because in addition to fun, we provide education and encourage our family ties. If we have a room whose decor encourages imagination, it will be probably more effective.