You have a terrace huge and do not know how to give life and make your favorite space house ? If you live in an apartment in the city but you are lucky enough to have a large terrace, and your dream is to live in a house with garden, because in this article we show you how to convert your terrace in a garden of the easiest way imaginable. It’s actually very easy, everyone can personalize your urban garden as they prefer. Still, you can never miss it, chairs or sofas, chill out style, a table and, above all, many flowers.

a garden

The furniture, which is essential

To start decorating our terrace we have garden furniture in mind. In the case of four at home, we buy the necessary tools to make life in the garden chairs and, for example, to sit in the sun or cool drink in summer. In addition to these chairs, it would be advisable to choose a convenient and comfortable sofa finish give a touch of comfort to our terrace. So that everything is harmonized, it would be ideal choice covers both the sofa and chairs, the same color and make it clear to all in a very nice space tones.

In our converted into a garden terrace , can not fail, of course, the table where we eat or itch at any time, besides doing many more outdoor activities and enjoying our free time. In the case of not having enough space, we can always find a solution engaging others and some furniture in a small space we can get fit everything we need. Restoring furniture or pallets recycled furniture to be very appropriate choice for a converted garden terrace.

Plants and flowers, give life

Below we give the main step to finish turning our terrace into a real garden , plus a fully desirable space for a good time. The plants and flowers are a must on our terrace. For this we need good secured containers that can withstand the test of time and weather conditions, and they are colorful and nice to finish give a touch to our space. They will plant our favorite plants and flowers to give life and color to the terrace.

Lighting and flooring, final details

Finally, we must not forget the details. The lighting of the terrace is very important to make dinners with friends or enjoy pleasant evenings. During the day we must take advantage of natural light but when they begin to darken, plus some nice candles ambient en the terrace, you can not miss any indirect light source, such as ceilings or designer lamps, they finish give a touch to our garden . We recommend you read the article how to light the terrace so you know more about it. Soil can be liked by everyone, still the right one is the artificial turf, if we want our terrace is a total or wooden garden in case we want to be more practical.