The pillows were dirty, stains appear and lose their natural white, it’s very normal and simple world. Rubbing, oils follows our face or moisture, among others, may be elements that contribute to the loss of neutrality our sleeping pads. However, you already know that down pillows – or other natural materials are cleaned differently than others synthetic fabrics . Therefore, we explain how to whiten pillows . Follow these simple tips and leave your white pillows again without damaging the tissue. Lets talk about How To Clean Whiten pillows.

how to clean

To leave your new white pillows need bleach , mild detergent and water. You will find these products in any supermarket.

The first step to whitening pillows is to add a cup of laundry bleach to a tub of cold water. This container should be large enough for you to fit the pillow, because you must let in soak . Place the bowl over a large area to work comfortably. If you do not find a good container, you can do this process in the tub or in the washer.

Leave pillows soaked with a solution of bleach and cold water for about five minutes. You must make sure that the pillow is covered in its entirety with the liquid. When soaking, chlorine acts on the stains and dirt all pad, and eliminate mites pillow.

After the soak time, pull the tub pillows. Then, rinse with warm water and put them in the washing machine . Remember to add the washed a mild detergent to avoid damaging the marker. In addition, we recommend that the washing cycle is delicate. You can also wash the pillows on hand to ensure the delicacy of it.

After the washing, leave to dry pillows. Make sure they are completely dry, both outside as inside before putting them back on the bed.

Ready! You have your lists and white pillows for re-use.