You’ve noticed that the mosquitoes your window accumulates dirt, but you question: how fabrics are cleaned nets? The first answer is that depends on how the installation, but are as they are the nets of your home, you’ll clean it in depth and thus ensure that the insect can not squeeze through at home. So do not wait to discover this article how to clean nets.

The cleaning of nets vary according to the type of installation you have available, that is, if they are fixed, removable, Rolling … In any case, it is essential to clean frequently to remove dust, insects, pollen and any other dirt. Similarly, allergic to any of these volatiles people should perform this type of cleaning more regularly to prevent potential crises of allergy.

how to clean

Thus, if you can remove the nets or removing them from the window, the task will be much easier, since you can use pressurized water from a hose or tap to remove accumulated dust on the grid. If you can not remove the screen, as is the case with the roller or which are attached with nails, it is more appropriate to wear a sponge dipped in a bucket with soap and water ; You can use the same liquid detergent you use to wash dishes.

Also, you can use a clothes brush without rubbing too much for perestroika- not so sure that no dirt accumulated in the cells of the screen grid and, for a perfect finish, uses an old toothbrush to reach every corner. You can dip the brushes in the mixture of soapy water and, if it is very dirty, you can try to add some ammonia or liquid degreaser for dirt more easily detached.

Then use a cloth or rag soaked in water just to clear the screen and remove all traces of soap. We advise you to rinse the cloth several times to prevent foam build and grid are not being cleaned; Also make sure the window frame or the edge of the screen are completely clean or your work will have been in vain.

When drying the screen , you can help a dry cloth to remove excess water or, as best option- let it air dry. And according to the cloth you use, it is possible that lint that accumulate in the mosquito screen and prove counterproductive, as if we had not been cleaned. At the time that the screen is completely clean and dry, you can put it back in the window or door, if that had dismantled.