To maintain skin or leather shoes in good condition you must properly care for and clean after each use. While this material is easy to clean, it requires specific care for your shoes always look like new. we give you the tips and clues about how to clean leather shoes , brings a good brush, soap with neutral pH, moisturizer and water and you get your brand new leather shoes every day. Lets talk about how to clean leather shoes.

how to clean leather shoes

Usually it is important before and after using leather shoes you pass them with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt that may remain. Do it gently, without pressing and paying special attention to seams, an area where it can accumulate more dirt. This practice will help keep the skin or hide as good as new.

Once the shoe has dried after having passed the damp cloth, aplícale wax, moisturizing cream or special oil for leather shoes. With this you will help moisturize and brighten the skin , which look more beautiful.

Let the wax or oil penetrate shoes and moisturize at least one day before you go to use the shoes. Remember that the skin absorbs these products gradually, so they need some 24 hours to hydrate properly.

The above steps for the care and maintenance needed to keep skin shoes. Here we give the keys to clean them properly. Take note.

If shoes have laces, you better take away, so you will ensure thorough cleaning of leather footwear. Then it passes over the surface with a soft brush , with which will eliminate dust and dirt that is more in sight.

Then, prepare a mixture of water (about three cups) and neutral pH soap. When you have a well-mixed solution soak a cloth in it, I drain it to remove excess water and run smoothly on the surface of the shoe. Rub all over the shoe and see rinsing the cloth to remove any dirt . Repeat as often as necessary until the shoe gleams.

Once you’ve removed all the dirt from the surface, passing a dry cloth to dry and apply cream hydrant shoe to brighten the skin of your footwear. Ready! With these simple steps you will have your perfect shoes for every occasion skin.