One of the most important aspects at the time of reforming our house is choosing the paint. Certainly paint our home creates a feeling of complete renewal but it should be clear tones combined with more style and decor of our home. There are some tips for you to discover how to choose colors to paint my house and make your home look great.

my house

Before choosing the color to paint our house, take into account some details. The end result should be consistent with all the spaces and combine perfectly with the furniture and decorative style of your home but also measures the spaces will paint are also key in the process. A very small room should not be painted or dark colors will be further reduced, just as a large room can have these tones because of its size.

When our home renovation and painting, should pay attention to some aspects of the psychology of color , especially when it comes to the choice of the bedrooms . These concepts give us clear clues about the tones you can choose , helping greatly to limit somewhat the search. The yellow, orange and ocher are quite popular when choosing paint for home thanks to two main reasons:

A range from pastels, bright, dull, etc., which can provide very mixed results. They are colors that bring light and space to the spaces, which are often used in small rooms or with little natural light.

White is another leader in paint colors for the home. It generates light and space and is ideal for those who focus decorating your home furniture and items to decorate the walls like pictures, tables, shelves, racks, vinyl stickers, etc. option

Blues and greens are preferred for areas such as bedrooms because of its soothing properties and its wide range of tones. Perfect for children or elderly rooms. The range of the roses as well as being ideal for small children, it is great to calm down, which comes in handy in rooms in which we want to rest.

Meanwhile the red can come in handy in spaces that we want to capture some energy, such as the entrance of the house . It is not recommended for rooms or for room because it can be too stimulating. Similarly black and gray are more suited to commercial spaces or home offices.