Have a garden with lawn and want it to look neat, beautiful and lush? It is essential that your garden receives the necessary care for the grass to grow healthy and strong. It is therefore essential that besides providing nutrients and vitamins, occasionally, input oxygen turf, so that the roots get properly and improve development. we explain how to aerate the lawn . Performs the following techniques and get unpack the land to facilitate the entry of air and water the lawn. You will notice the difference.

how to aerate the lawn

Before knowing how and when you need to aerate your garden, you should make sure what type of grass you have in your home. To do this you must look at the period of most active growth, as this will determine the way in which it is most appropriate aeration. It is also important to know the type of sand you have. The dense land is often aired once a year, since it is more compact, however the sandy be aired once every two years or less. For more accurate data, see in your garden center or nursery usual.

If your lawn is growing in warmer periods, during the summer months , it is advisable to aerate in the last period of spring or early summer. The grasses are growing warm buffalo, San Augustine and vermuda. If it grows in the autumn and winter, in cold weather , you should aerate so you can recover just one month before the frost period. The most common are the lolium, or blue fescue grass.

Another trick to know if you should or not aerate the lawn is to consider the use you give. That is, if you regularly drive over it or step on is often more advisable to aerate once a year, and avoid the land is too compacted. If you just sow, you must wait more than a year, so you let it grow healthy and lush.

Once you have selected the type of machine you use to aerate your lawn, you must prepare the ground to make this process more effective. Therefore we recommend cleaning and lawn mowing . In this way, you allow the soil is more prepared without elements that hinder the entry of oxygen and nutrients.

Then you must check the soil moisture . If you see too dry due to weather changes, you should water the soil a few days prior to airy. Think wet ground is softer, so you can work better with drillers , whether manual or mechanical.

Look carefully at your lawn and defines the areas that need more airy. Not all areas are equally busy or have the same characteristics. We recommend you study a bit on where you think is more necessary aerate the lawn and work there. The toughest sections will take longer.

With all this, it’s time to aerate the lawn. Put the tool to aerate you going to use in a corner of your garden. You must pass the following drill rows in a straight line across the lawn, so that you smooth. For the toughest areas , simply spend a couple of times aerator; by softer with once will be enough. Should you require to make deeper holes to better aerate your garden, we recommend spending the punch in the opposite direction of the hardest section.

For best results you should let stand the sections of land once they have been bored. It is also advisable to leave in the same soil extracted parts of drilling, end up being as compost will help soil nutrition.

Finally, once you have completed drilling must supply the soil with fertilizers . For the new grass grow healthy and lush, spread peat, compost, sand or other chemical fertilizers. Thanks to the holes will absorb these nutrients are much better and next to air, they will sprout roots harder.