The arrival of a new home appliance usually get excited, but beyond happiness is very important to have clear recommendations about its installation and initial use to ensure maximum durability and smooth operation over time. In the case of refrigerators it is important to allow standing time before lighting to ensure that it will work properly. But how long to wait to plug in a fridge ? we will explain it in detail.

a refrigerator

Why must we wait before turning on the refrigerator?

Once we acquire a refrigerator it must be removed from the warehouse of the store, it is brought to a vehicle and then be transported to our house. Arriving also be moving so far in which it is finally located in their respective places in the kitchen. All this implies that gases and liquids that are within the appliance, which will be responsible for the same cool properly, have also been on the move, so it is important to give to the fridge for a time of rest for the liquid and stabilize the gases prior to ignition. This recommendation applies to all brands of refrigerators and fridges, however the dwell time in each may vary.

What consider when locating the refrigerator?

We usually have a space previously stipulated to locate the refrigerator in our kitchen, however, and to ensure the proper functioning of the appliance is very important that you consider some aspects before placing the refrigerator in this place:

1. Make sure the floor is completely flat, without bias of any kind. If so it will be necessary level it properly before placing the refrigerator.
2. It is important that the installation does not receive direct sunlight, nor should it gets too hot because air circulation is required.
3. It is very important that the fridge never be tight in the space provided. There must be a margin of at least 3 cm at the sides, while from the back of the refrigerator and the wall is recommended to leave a space of at least 5 centimeters .
4. In the case above the hollow of the fridge had furniture or bookshelves, should be a gap of 10 cm between the top of the refrigerator and furniture. The spaces help the heat of the appliance is properly ejected without overheating.