When you think of intercom systems, you may think of how they are used in business. A scene like something out of Mad Men may pop into your mind, with a business man paging his secretary to ask for coffee or to send in his next meeting. You may not think of intercom systems for homes unless you are thinking about large estates or mansions. However, intercom systems can be used to improve the security of any suburban home. Here’s how:

Eliminates the Need to Open the Door

When someone knocks on your door, you may have to open the door to see who it is. You may not have an eye hole or a window nearby that allows you to see. If you just open the door, you could also open yourself up to danger. While you can yell through the door to ask who it is or what they want, it can be difficult to communicate that way.

Using an intercom can help you find out who’s at the door without having to open it. If you don’t know who it is, you can keep the door closed and keep your home secure. If you would like to know details information about dry cleaning, food processing, furniture making and more, you could choose TCE remediation.


Makes Another Entry Way Possible

One way to improve the security of your home is to create a second entry way. These are common in large cities, but not so much in suburban areas. The first door opens up to a small foyer, and then a second door is there that leads to inside the house.

An intercom system allows you to answer the front door to determine who to let through to the second entrance. Without the intercom, this second entry way would be ineffective. You’d have to walk through one door to answer the other one, reducing the security protection.

Allows You to Conduct Business From a Distance

You can keep your home the safest by never allowing strangers to enter it. An intercom allows you to conduct business from a distance, such as communicating details about your cable line or your water meter. You can have the conversation you need while keeping yourself safe inside.

Unfortunately, many thieves and other criminals dress up like service professionals, so this kind of caution is necessary. Intercom systems can help individuals increase the safety of their homes. Consider the benefits of installing a system in your home.