Managed with a deft hand, decorative concrete is an incredible way to enhance your floors, driveways, walls and patios. The process can require epoxy coating, the use of mechanical grinders and engraving to cut flagstone or cobblestone designs into driveways and walkways.Expert contractors use methods such as acid staining to create tile and limestone finishes, decorative or vertical overlays and many more. You can create elegant designs inside and outside your home that will add charm and value. It’s a sound investment that will increase the resale value of your home by adding curb appeal and a European flavour. If you love Toronto’s old brick streets, why not bring a touch of the antique to your own property?


New construction where trees haven’t had time to grow up can particularly benefit from landscaping.  No other material can measure against stamped concrete’s superior durability and strength, so your home improvement project promises a return that will last for decades. Grey stone is a classic look, but don’t feel limited—you can add a wide variety of colours including earthy reds and browns and marble white. A good contractor will not only ensure sound structuring, but can match your vision to your property’s natural assets.

Start your search for a contractor with work that impresses you; ask your neighbours about the companies they’ve used. Make sure you get the details; many people can’t wait to talk about their home renovations.They will gladly share details about the experience and details such as a contractor’s willingness to solve problems, answer questions and deliver positive customer service. You wantsomeone who takes responsibility for improving your house and its environs. You can also go online, researching local contractors, checking out customer reviews and browsing images of their work. Find the fashions that work for you and inquire about quotes and project ideas.

Once you start connecting, don’t be shy. Ask aboutthe types of projects that interest youand whether or not they’re feasible on your property. Work with them to concoct the dream exterior you’ve always wanted. At the end of the day, you need to be confident that you’re partnering with a professional whose work will stand up to the elements. Working with a contractor who wants to put you in the spotlight will reward you for years.

Based in the Toronto area, Elite Concrete is one company that offers tips for maintaining your home exterior through all seasons. Winter can be hard on houses, and the driveway is no exception. To maintain your walkways and driveways, use salt minimally in the winter. Salt degrades the bonds that hold the material together and causes cracks. Use a plastic shovel to prevent chipping as metal can scratch and even take out pieces. Elite Concrete also recommends resealing your driveway, steps and patio every three to five years. This will protect the surface and keep it beautiful for a long time to come. No exterior can last without proper care, so take the time to learn the best methods for preservation. Discover Elite Concrete and the many styles and designs you can use to make your property the envy of the neighbourhood. Complete your dream home with that extra touch.