We all have favourite areas of our homes. We also all have those areas of the home that just don’t seem to work the way we would like them. This can happen as our lifestyles change because kids have grown up, or we have different entertaining needs. It might be because you are now working from home more often, and you find the general din of the rest of the household is too much for you to focus.

One area of the house that seems to please us less and less as time goes by is the kitchen. The more we use the old one, the more we find problems with it. The oven might not open in the best way, or you don’t have the space to buy that bigger fridge-freezer. It’s all very well making up a big long list of all the things that don’t work, but where do you begin when it comes to putting them right?

Kitchen remodelling can be a very big and a very expensive project. The biggest fear is that you won’t like how it all looks. Getting the coloursof the cupboards, worktops and walls just right in your home is one of the biggest challenges for us. There are some things you can do prior to heading down to your local kitchen store. Empty your kitchen of everything you no longer use, and see what is left. Make a list of it, and add to the bottom all the things you feel your kitchen lacks. This will help guide you when deciding the amount and type of storage you will need in your new kitchen.

kitchen decorProvided image sourced from Flickr.com

Next you need to decide on a kitchen company to help you. If you are looking for kitchen companies and search for Salisbury Kitchens, they can produce 3D visualisations of the things you choose. You can see how it all works, where it will all go, and check the colours are right for your taste. Most kitchens are built around storage solutions these days, so armed with your list, you can check you have a home for all your kitchen essentials.Think about how you want to access it. Are you happy stretching up to place heavy plates in a cupboard or would you rather place them in a drawer at hip height?

Finally, you can decide if you want to leave or make space for an entertaining or lounge area within your kitchen. You may choose to take down a partition wall to really open up your downstairs area. Think about the flow of the space and the flooring you will use. It is usually more hygienic for a hard floor like tiles, but will you need underfloor heating in the winter? With so much choice and so much to do, you may choose to move out for a few days while the main fitting is done. There will be lots of dust and workmen’s tools in the way so you won’t be able to use the kitchen. But when it is all done, you can enjoy your very first home-cooked meal in your new fabby kitchen. Bon Appetite!