One of the best ways to add value to your property is to add floor space, and market research   by the Nationwide building society shows how adding that floor space could add considerably to your home’s value. Obviously, how you add your floor space is up to you, but if you really want to increase the equity in your home, spending some money to increase its size will reap dividends if you ever decide to sell. Here are the best ways to increase the usable floor space of a property


The most common way to increase the floor area of a property is to complete a loft conversion, and many consider it the perfect way to creating another bedroom. The most difficult part of the conversion is adding suitable access, and your builder will need to adhere to all building and safety regulations during the conversion. Safety is particularly important, as being stuck at the top of a property if a fire breaks out is to be avoided at all costs. If you take the right steps, creating the perfect loft for a child really is a great use of the space.


Converting a basement into usable floor space is usually a very inexpensive way to utilize space you already have. With a minimum of work needed for water or electricity, you can turn your basement into any type of room you want, including a bedroom, playroom, extra lounge, or studio. Lighting and ventilation will need to be considered as a basement can feel claustrophobic if you ignore these essentials, and making sure that good damp proofing has been installed will reduce any chance of flooding that could occur.


A conservatory is a great way to increase space if you want to add an area to relax in or to create a light airy place to eat food. Less expensive than many options, and a perfect way to bring the outdoors into your property, an extension is many people first choice, but there are things to consider here too. Temperature control can sometimes be difficult in a conservatory, and privacy needs to be accounted for too. Both of these things are a result of the amount of glass; but don’t worry, these are things that most people need to consider, and professional advice is available to you.

Building in the Garden

Using the space in your garden to increase the floor space of your property is becoming more and more popular. Having a garden property designed and built by a professional company opens up options for any use you can think of. Garden Rooms By for example, gives you the options of offices, playrooms, gyms, pool rooms, and any other room you could want. Increasing floor space doesn’t have to mean changing your home; you can now increase the space by utilizing the garden.

Adding a Floor

Another option, though seldom used, is to add a floor to a property. This will add considerable square footage to any property, and could mean adding many extra rooms. The problem is the amount of work that can be involved, and the eventual cost of adding the space. The extra weight on the building could mean reinforcing foundations, load bearing walls, and joists, and though you already have a roof it will still need to be reconstructed. This is, undoubtedly, a great way to increase floor space and the value of a property, but it is not the best way to add equity because of the work and cost.

We don’t all need extra space in our home, or value on it. However, if you do, these are the best ways to get both.