Are you thinking of moving from a cold east coast state such as Maine, to a warm west coast state such as California? Palm trees, beaches, sunny weather, and more… California is certainly a great place to live. Whether you’re making the cross country move for a work related promotion, to move closer to family, or simply for a change of environment, you’ll find it to be quite an enchanting place to live.

However, before you can enjoy all the pleasantries that the state has to offer, you’re going to need to get packing and prepare for the move. Of course, it would be nice if you could just wiggle your nose and have all of your things instantly appear at your new home, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Instead you have to strategically plan everything out one step at a time.


While most individuals remember the basics of packing, purging, and labeling their personal belongings, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind when making a cross country move such as this. If you’re not careful, you could end up leaving behind or forgetting key information that ends up causing a lot of stress once you’ve arrived in your new state. Rather than cause unnecessary stress, it is ideal to make sure that you have a detailed list of everything you’ll need before moving day. 

Below are a few suggestions.

  1. Identifying Documentation

Imagine moving all the way across country and realizing that you don’t have identifying documentation such as you and your family’s birth certificates, and social security cards. You’re going to need this information to apply for jobs, register your children for school, and in some cases to update your license and registration on your vehicles. Chances are you’re not going to want to fly back to your old state to get them, and waiting for this information to arrive in the mail could take weeks. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you have all of this information prior to moving day. If you need to request duplicate copies, you should do so right away. Keep all of this information in a safe place so that it doesn’t get lost in the move.

  1. Medical Information

Since you’ll be moving across country you’re going to be switching medical care providers. The best way to make sure that your new doctors provide you with adequate health care is to have your records transferred to their office (or at the very least have a copy of your records on hand). Things that are of importance might include your children’s shot records, and any background medical information such as previous test results, etc.

  1. Educational Records

If you have school aged children, having their educational records transferred to the new school in California will be necessary. The schools utilize this information to determine your child’s level of education. Getting this information in hand typically requires a call to your child’s previous school. They can generally give you a copy on the spot. Some schools may even have the ability to electronically send the records to the new school at your request.

  1. Utilities

It is very important to remember to contact your current and future utility company to schedule shut off and shut on dates. Calling ahead of time will give you leeway to pay for any outstanding balances or deposits that may be required. This way you’re not paying for your utilities in two locations unnecessarily, or even worse, not having your gas, electric, and water be on when you arrive at your new home.

  1. Home Entertainment Services

Another thing you’re going to want to do is contact your home entertainment service provides. This might include your cable, phone, and internet service providers. Again, you want to make sure you’ve paid any outstanding balances and that you’ve scheduled the appropriate shut off and installation dates accordingly. While you may have to call your television service provider to cancel your subscription, you can easily find a new service provider online. For example, gives a detailed list of LA Satellite TV deals that you may want to consider.

Moving from one coast to another can certainly be a great adventure. You get to explore a new environment, meet new people, and create memories with those you love. However, as you already know, moving can be a bit stressful if you don’t have a plan in place. As such, you want to make sure that you not only remember to pack your belongings and schedule an appointment with long distant movers, but you also want to make sure that all of your paperwork is in order.

Hopefully, this has given you some insight on things you don’t want to forget so that the transition from one home to another can be as smooth sailing as possible.