One of the dangers that can cause major damage not only materially but also on a human level is without any doubt the fire. We have only to see the terrible damage caused to his step, both in nature and in homes or premises. As for nature, you can take steps so that the fire cause the least possible damage, but for homes or premises at our disposal systems and fireproofing which no doubt will keep us safe from this dreaded element.


Whether you have a house, a room, an office or even a community of neighbors such systems fire protection we will take in some of these cases as mandatory and others for security to protect our material possessions and our loved ones. When equip ourselves with one of these fire protection systems have to be clear that there are two different types of protection and what each one of them.

First, we have the active protection against fire, including all measures that warn about the possible existence of a fire and that are responsible for preventing the fire from spreading and damage is greater. This active protection helps potential damage that could cause a fire in a home or business is minimized. When we talk about active protection, we find the following:

Systems passive fire protection

On the other hand, we have the passive fire protection, although no handles both extinguishing fires helps the damage and losses are much lower. Among the elements forming this type of passive protection are:

Wall coverings

One advantage that these systems have is that they tend to be incorporated in the installation of homes, businesses or neighboring communities to minimize potential damage that could cause a fire.

What type should I use protection system

Once we have differentiated between different types of fire protection we need to know that not all are good for everything. The first thing I think for the installation of the protection system is what is the need I have if it’s for my home, for my company or my community:

Not the same need to secure a site in which people inhabit some agencies that spend most of the time empty. At the same time, we must also take into account the possibility that there is an emergency, if there is likely to combust substances or devices that may cause a fire. The more dangerous and inhabited greater must be the safety systems to prevent and minimize fire.

Once you have chosen this need must choose the right for each system, some will not be difficult because they are binding measures but others need to know how to choose the best option to ensure the security of your home or premises. It is always advisable to contact specialists in the field to advise you and help you choose the best option.