The decorative fabrics for the room of young people is an effective way to decorate and add a youthful touch to the room of any young. If you’re going to decorate the room of a teenager, to renovate or redecorate a drab room, learn some ideas that you can incorporate using the fabric for your child’s room look fantastic.

fabrics teen rooms

Fabric and wallpaper

An easy option to add texture to your walls is to apply fabric over them. You can use as wallpaper and fabric with liquid starch and apply a paint roller. Apply starch walls with a roller and place fabric. It may be easier if you set the fabric on top and then apply the starch to the wall, following with a ruler or yardstick to smooth the fabric down.


Upholstered Headboard

Can you turn a boring head easily in a building with colorful fabric. Simply cover your head with the material of your choice. Secure the fabric by using a stapler and set the fabric in the back of the headboard, where the staples can not be seen.
Furniture fabric.

You can use the method of starch fabric to cover your furniture , like a desk or bookshelf. Measure the dimensions of the furniture and cut the fabric to size. Use a brush to apply the puncture starch on furniture . Take the pieces of fabric and apply them on your furniture , again following in the footsteps of flat fabric with a ruler to prevent wrinkles.


If you find a type of fabric that you like, make some pillows for the bed. Short form and size as you wish, remembering to leave a broader measure for seams that have to be made to the final product. Sew the fabric on all sides except one, joining the faces of the sides of the front. Turn over your case and fill with packing material to finally sew the last side.


Use pashminas and tapestries covered with tablecloths. Use them to cover the top shelf, a desk or dresser. Will add some visual enhancement to the room of your youth. It can also be used as festive pendants, using pushpins to hang. Search carpets and pashminas in local stores.

Fabric Framed

For a more modern artistic view, instead of framing pictures and hang them in the rooms of your children, you can opt for framing and hanging fabrics. Head to your local craft supply store to find fabrics with many textures, fabrics like velvet or additions. Will be colorful and special, they put in a frame to complement color.