A mobile home can give you an effective way to get the desired dimension as the owner wishes. Add an extension when you need more space could be a very cheap option. If the process of building an extension seems to add too much news here. You can buy an extension for mobile homes ready to install. Add an extension prefab is a process, however, can be carefully planned.

a mobile home




Be clear why the addition. Decide what will be used and who will use it. Determines the type of area that meets your needs. It could be a deck, a porch, conservatory or another bedroom. Consider other problems regarding the plumbing, heating, electrical and windows. You could sell your mobile home in the future. Evaluate the effect of the addition of value.



Draw a plan for addition. This gives you a visual aid of the important details.




Talk to local vendors and contractors mobile home so you have about your experience with additions. Talk with your local building inspection. Make sure your addition is legal, safe and meets the requirements . The requirements of mobile homes that may differ from the common. Check that your mobile home has warranty and see what it says about the additions.



Scan the floor of your manufactured home to see if you can add an extension. If the house is on blocks, you will not have an addition. This is due to changes in the soil resulting from the weather, which can cause the addition to move from the main house. Mobile homes are built strong, but can not bear too much weight on the sides or roof. Because of this, the length is as a three-sided box. The open side is sealed to the existing house and a door cut in addition. Most additions will have a lower roof line and a lower floor to avoid the need for precise fit. Because of this, often steps or ramps are used. Additions like porches or decks are designed as independent units that have little contact with the main house.