Saving water at home is one of the most important goals we must pursue. In addition, not only because we will see reduce our monthly bill but because water is a precious and scarce commodity. We must learn to treat it as such, not wasting a drop. Here are some easy solutions to get it.

Water Saving Solutions at Home

We open the tap and there it is a clean, fresh stream of water for us. However, the ease that we have to get it does not mean that water is not a valuable and scarce resource. We should strive to save water at home and teach children to do it too. To achieve this, in addition to adopting a lifestyle to use, changing our routines to take some useful measures to save water we can incorporate into our home some simple. Practical solutions that will help us a lot in our work.

The best solutions to save water at home

Saving water at home is much easier than you think. In addition to not leaving the faucet open while you brush your teeth there are many other things you can do that require hardly any effort or costly works. Today we give you the best solutions easy to take and very effective. Did you know that we consume about 150 liters of water per person per day, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics?

Install aerators in faucets

The bathroom is the area of ​​the house where more water is consumed. However, there are solutions that help us to reduce this consumption. For example, you can install aerators in the faucets. These are pieces that reduce the flow of water. What they do is to mix the water with air, reason why they reduce the flow without appearing it.

It will not seem like you get less water out of your faucets. You’ll be saving half the water you spent before. In addition, it is a very cheap and easy to install piece. You just have to screw it in the mouth of the tap and ready. You can put it in the bathroom and in the kitchen faucet.

Choose faucets that use less water

If you are going to remodel the bathroom or the kitchen, with the consequent change of toilets, faucets.  It is the moment to contribute to save water at home. Choose faucets that spend less. To begin with they are all since they control the opening and mixing of water with a single lever and it avoids wasting water.

There are also taps that have double position handles. They have to the travel an opening stop that leaves 50% of the causal of water. Many times, you do not need to open the tap anymore. Moreover, when you want more water, you just have to press on the top so you can continue to open the tap at all.

Choose a thermostatic shower faucet. They allow you to select and set the temperature at which you want the water to flow. This, in addition to being more comfortable at the time of taking a shower, prevents you spend more water and energy in the time it takes to get the right temperature. If a normal faucet needs to waste about 8 liters of water in this process, a thermostatic only needs to spend two liters. A considerable saving, do not you think?

In addition, these modern shower taps usually incorporate flow limiter. Moreover, they not only save water. Putting a thermostatic faucet in the shower means a saving of up to 20% in the gas or electricity bill.