The maintenance required a house goes far beyond schedule and perform cleaning tasks whether they are daily, weekly or punctual. Keep the house in good condition also involves repairing things that break. Pipe fittings are a very important think for bathroom. Not only that but also change becoming obsolete and other DIY jobs that sometimes we can do ourselves. How are you domestic tasks, easy and quick to perform plumbing?

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We all know how difficult it is sometimes to keep our house in perfect condition. In addition, be in perfect condition I do not mean that everything is clean and tidy. Rather it is that all or more or less all work, there are not things spoiled, facilities, and other items to fulfill their function. In this sense, the domestic plumbing is more relevant.

Eventually the issue of the plumbing of the house will give us a headache. It can be a tap, which begins to drip. That it is time to change the sink. All these tasks and some others are simple enough that we can make. Therefore, we avoid having to call a professional plumber, which greatly gladden our pocket.

When a tap is broken and must be replaced by another, you have two options: to call a plumber you put it with the consequent bill ahead or go to a specialty shop, you either buy it or install it yourself. If you choose this option, you will find it much easier than it seems at first. The first thing you have to do is look for items and tools you need the faucet hoses are those hoses that connect the tap water intakes are usually two.

One for hot water and one for cold-water rubber seal usually come with faucet and a wrench. Place the rubber gasket between the faucets and sink. Then enter the hoses through the hole in the sink and connect to the faucet, then fasten the bottom with the corresponding nut. I am just tightening the nut with the wrench. Do not tell me it has not been easy.

Put aerators to save water

One of the best ways to control water consumption in a home is placed aerators on the faucets. These pieces mixed water leaving the tap by air, so that the flow is reduced without decreasing the pressure. Aerators engage the mouth of the taps. Put them is very simple. Just loosen with a wrench the piece that goes in the mouth then tap and unscrew by hand. After the aerator to the faucet is screwed tightening it with the wrench. It is something that eventually happens to everyone at least once in life, if not more. Suddenly you hear an annoying little noise from the bathroom, like water running and you realize that the tank is leaking.

This is called rubber gasket and ring tends to deform over time, causing water loss. To change it you just have to unscrew the head or artichoke, remove the damaged board and replace it with another of the same thickness and diameter. Screw again the showerhead in place.

Sure, after reading the article you may have noticed that there are jobs domestic plumbing you can do yourself without problems. You just need a little confidence in yourself. Therefore, you know, the next time your taps you play a dirty trick, wields the wrench and get to work.