Blank walls at home are a huge and irritating problem for every one of us! We all have them and it can be pretty tough decision what you’re going to make with that difficult situation. Did you try to play with colors? If your answer is positive, then you’ve probably noticed that actually ,,color game” isn’t working if you don’t have even one thing that will bring warmness to the empty, cold wall! And by the ,,thing” we mean some type of art that can be easily created with your hands. You don’t have to be Pablo Picasso to create a masterpiece! Just for you, I’ve made a list with DIY wall art projects that will make a statement in your home. Simple for creating, these wonderful ideas will bring fresh and cozy atmosphere to any room!

Wall with Golden Accents

diy wall art projects

I’ve decided to start the today’s countdown with the ,,color game” ( the project that I’ve mentioned before). But, this idea called Wall with Golden Accents is not that simple like the usual painting, because those gold details are creating a real stylish statement, that’s a big trend in the past few years. If you live in a home with elegant and modern decor, then there is no reason for you to not try our suggestion!

Bird Plate Wall

diy wall art projects

Wall with a dose of romance always seems cute for me, especially if is something completely unique. This Bird Plate Wall is surely the coolest idea here, so we’re sure that is completely logical for you to try to make it…it’s definitely worth the effort!

Shell Art

Bring the sea desire to your room by creating a real Wall Art with Shells. The good thing is that you can use old shells that you’ve previously collected on your last vocation. So, this masterpiece is actually a true memory that will remind you of happy times!

DIY Wall Art Projects Quote

diy wall art projects

Do you need a dose of motivation at work or maybe at home?! If you really need something like that, then this DIY wall art projects Quote is sure to inspire. Just find some very motivational sayings, place them in a frame, hang those creation on your wall and feel the difference!

Frame within a Frame

Every girl bedroom needs something like this amazing creation. Frame within a Frame is a simple project than can be achieved by anyone at any skill level. Plus, it won’t take you a lot of time!

DIY Chevron Wall Art

DIY Chevron Wall is a real piece of art which is the right project for every trendy young-couple bedroom. Various colors with sophisticated details are making this project special. It’s not a simple projects as it seems, but is surely worth your time and effort.

DIY Abstract Art

This Abstract Wall Art offers a big dose of mystery and coziness which is a sure sign that it’ll make a real statement in your bedroom or maybe living room…Click here for the full tutorial with instructions!

Circle Paintings + Floating Frame

I am finishing my list with a festive and colorful suggestion that will surely make you smile wherever you see it. Circle Paintings in Floating Frame is a positive piece of art that surely deserves a place at your home!