According to a report Reparable , specializing in home care and in the management of claims and repairs, d company and 26 million properties in Spain, 15 million are over 30 years and almost 6 million more than half a century . The passage of time not only affects the structure of the building, but also has consequences inside the house so it is necessary to know what deteriorates before, how to maintain and repair some tricks. The deterioration experienced by households is not directly proportional to their age, but to the quality and condition of the materials that compose it and use that have been given. However, in general, piping, wiring, walls and floors are the most affected by the passage of time. Lets talk about DIY tasks for old houses.

old houses

How I can detect it and what I can do?


• How does it affect them? With the passage of time corrode pipes and hollow tiles and soldiers, especially in wetlands. This results in pressure loss, drips and leaks, which in turn, can cause dampness.

• What review? Piping hot and cold bath and kitchen water and heating circuit. Also the drain housing, the magneto toilet, siphons and valves.

• What can you do? At the slightest sign of those described, consult a professional for advice what to do. Do not throw food scraps down the sink, clean the drain housing at least once a year and place Calc filters, as it will help keep your pipes in good condition.

Electrical installation

• How does it affect you? The electrical installation undergoes oxidation (if outside), and connection problems or “false contacts” in the wiring. This results in overheating, short circuit, earth fault or leakage current.
• What check? The differential connections and protection system housing.
• What can you do? It is desirable that an authorized installer check every 2 to 3 years the electric system to check the insulation of the conductors and the connections (at least in the control panel and housing records) and verify systems protection continue to function properly. If the wiring has been done from the outset by a qualified installer, complying with regulations, it is likely that the deterioration of the system is virtually nonexistent, at least during the 10 – first 15 years.


• How does it affect them? The walls undergo expansion and contraction by temperature changes and lack of maintenance over time. This results in cracks, fissures and sloughing which can be accentuated if the materials from which it is built are not quality.
• What review? Ceilings, walls, structures esquires and shared with the rest of the building.
• What can you do? It is important to renew painting ceilings and walls every 3-5 years, and optimize trying to eliminate any element affecting the adhesion. To prevent moisture, for example, avoid placing plants that need much watering near the walls. And if you have a problem of cracks or fissures, call a professional to rule out that the problems are structural causes affecting the whole building.