More and more often live in small houses. Life in the cities change and space is reduced so that it is normal in housing lounge and dining briquette.
While some may reject the idea, it is possible to achieve harmony between decoration of these parts of the house. It is in this sense, to arrange the furniture in the best way. In this article we will help you achieve the perfect combination. Lets talk about Distributing living room furniture.

living room furniture

Clearly defines two spaces

If your home is one that uses a space with two functions must, above all, learn how to divide areas within the house. Furniture can help greatly in this task. To differentiate the dining room you can auxiliary of a double-sided piece of furniture because it gives you the opportunity to put him in any position in the house. Another way to distinguish areas is painting the walls in different colors, with curtains or wallpaper use. In this article we talk more about this way of defining the lounge.

What shape is your living room?

The shape of the housing greatly influences the way we can maximize space and arrange the furniture. For example, if the room is rectangular it is best to place the living and dining in parallel, so that the room is near the window and the dining room from the kitchen. Meanwhile, square rooms look better when furniture is arranged diagonally in order that the dimensions appear older than they are. From an aesthetic point of view is better than the room is in a corner and at the opposite end dining.

Each space function

After delimiting the areas inside the house you must put the rest of the furniture. In the living room you must ensure to recreate an environment of comfort that encourages conversation and exchange. In the part devoted to the salon you should try to win in light so you think about that before you establish the zones. Likewise, you should know that if the area is square facing seats or look better in a “U”; however, if the room is rectangular shaped layout “L” it is the ideal. The dining room can be a less enlightened and necessarily more restricted area. To achieve the cozy atmosphere of this part you should consider the table depending on the shape of the room. The square areas better accommodate round or square tables, while the elongated rectangular support.