Before selecting the best measure of dining table for your environment, you should consider the space, shape and number of guests you usually have with the events and the amount of money you have available to spend. Together, all these factors have a significant role to help you discover the dimensions of the perfect dining table.
dining table

Measurement of dining

The measure is the first dining factor to consider in your search for the ideal environment for this table. Consequently, get a tape measure and measure the length and width of the room . Type the dimensions on paper, or make a note on your phone to take with you to go out and buy the table. The pattern is to allow a clearance of 3 feet (0.90 m) around the entire table. This includes a clearance of 3 feet (0.90 m) from the other furniture , as well as from the walls.


The shape of the room

Stand at a distance and watch your dining room in order to determine which geometry looks like. Most of the dining rooms resemble a square or rectangle. If you have a square space, look for a round or square table dining. If a space is rectangular in shape, it will adapt best oval or rectangular table.

Number of guests at the table

After you have measured the space of your room and determined its form, the next question is to consider how many people sit down. Lucky way, there are some standard sizes. A panel of 48 inches (122 cm) can accommodate five to six people; a panel of 54 inches (137 cm) can accommodate six to seven people, while a 60-inch (152.40 cm) has a capacity for seven to eight people. A rectangular, oval or square table needs to have 2 ft (0.60 m) of space per seat located. Therefore, to accommodate six people comfortably, you would need a table of rectangular shape with approximate dimensions of 72 x 36 inches (183 x 91 cm). If you decide on a rectangular table, takes on a central pedestal or stand instead of legs, in order to allow accommodate more people around the table.

Large parties holidays

If you plan to give big parties during the holidays, you might consider investing in a table that comes with a hinged sheet of 12 inches (30.5 cm). This is a great way to add space to your table to accommodate more people in special holiday dinners without having a huge table ready at all times. The folding leaves can be purchased for a minimal cost, and are a good investment.


After you have determined the extent of the table you would like to purchase, check out some online sites that offer dining tables “for you” and makes some comparisons in order to establish a budget that you can handle yourself. Think about the amount of money you should spend on your dining table, and stay within those parameters.