With a rustic kitchen you can give this room an American regional style or you can take as inspiring old world style muse. Whether your choice of rustic kitchen is based on the Adirondack highlands, southwest, in the style of the mountains, in a farmhouse in Tuscany or you there are specific design elements that are universal.



Create special details in the architecture of your kitchen. Nothing is more rustic than the ceilings with exposed beams, large windows and hardwood floors and rustic pottery. If your kitchen does not have the ceiling with exposed beams, you are placed in the room before installing new cabinets and terminations. Make a large window on the kitchen sink or on the counter. Unless you’re really one of those people who do things themselves at home, lets large professional carpentry and flooring installation.

rustic kitchen


modern kitchen image by Galina Barskaya from Fotolia.com
Choose cabinets. The options for rustic wood cabinets include pine, hickory or alder. Do not just use one type of design. Most original rustic kitchens wardrobes were not too many but used open shelves, baskets and farm-style tables, for storage and for use as countertops. Combine accessories made from recycled materials or those that are old with the new, to give your kitchen a real touch of time.


Paint the kitchen walls. The most colorful traditional are those drawn from nature. The best choices for a rustic kitchen are brown, orange, red, green, ivory, yellow, tan and blue.


Integra to the kitchen some design details, like painting the ceiling moldings with a lighter color and then the kitchen island with a complementary color. To give an unexpected twist to the industrial kitchen, you can place corrugated sheet in front of the area used to eat and floors concrete . The polished granite countertops and stainless steel appliances complement the rustic style of aged wood and ceilings with exposed beams. You can choose Shaker style furniture, livestock, handicrafts, antique wood or aged.


Accessories found iron, copper, floral designs, baskets, pots and slab. The colors stand out in a rustic kitchen are red tomato, cobalt blue, olive green and yellow sunflower. Searching for vintage accessories for the kitchen and put a carpet on the floor.