If you plan to remodel your kitchen, make a useful design that determines its style and its distribution. Improve your appearance is an ideal way to increase the value of the house and give the custom look you want form. Since you have space problems, you must ensure that the final design suits your style and your daily needs. Create a design is essential to determine and maintain the budget so that you do not spend more than necessary.
How to design a kitchen


Look at decorating magazines home to get an idea of the styles or decorations you like. Cut out pictures and put them in a folder. This will also help determine the design features may cost or how much the materials .


Make your budget. Sets an amount and try to stay within it. Making the most design features can keep within budget. Decide which items worth what you spend and use materials alternative to save money .
Measure the space in your kitchen and draw a design on graph paper. Use the latter to the different designs or locate cabinets and appliances to decide on the design that you like. No matter what you choose, incorporating the figure of a triangle between the appliances and the sink. For example, if you design a style shaped gallery, place the stove and refrigerator on one wall and the sink on the wall opposite the stove so you do not have to walk around the kitchen too.

Select a cabinet design that will match the style of kitchen you want. You can also use one who joins other architectural features or designs of the house, for example modern, Victorian or country.

Determines the type of lighting for the space. Instead of placing a single ceiling light adds several layers of light around the kitchen. For example, places an upper light to serve as decoration (like a chandelier), incorporated under cabinet lighting to illuminate workspaces and illuminate the counters.