The Paint Quality Institute to gray list as one of the “fresh, clean and comfortable” color in its list of trend colors. Gray is a neutral color that you can give a room a modern and fresh appearance or effect warm and calm, as the underlying tone. The painting gray is versatile because you can combine with many other colors and decorative styles. Paint your walls (and ceilings too) with one of the most popular neutral, whether a delicate pale gray or charcoal spectacular.
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Go to a paint store and choose as many color samples as you want. Notice the variety of tones and shades of gray. Grey can be tones of blues, greens, browns and even lilac background (take them all home so you can watch them with other colors in and around the room).


Note the size and room lighting. Try the colors of your choice buying sample bottles, paint samples on the wall at least 2 square feet (0.18 m) and assessed with different lights in the course of a day or two.
Decide if you prefer a bolder look with complementary colors or if you’d like a more classic and monochromatic effect. Make sure that the color you choose is consistent with the colors of the adjacent rooms.

Do not forget the color of the trim and ceiling, which could be considered the “fifth wall”. Select a crisp white or a very pale version of the wall color.

Get a more dramatic effect with complementary colors or be daring to paint the trim black. Think of a charcoal intense for high ceilings coupled with walls a lighter gray; That can make the room produces a more intimate, cozy feeling.

Paint a different color on an accent wall if you want to add a touch of sparkle. Choose a color decoration elsewhere in the room, from upholstery to a wall, and paint a wall that color.

Anima walls (or an accent wall) with a decorative faux finish or a translucent glaze or paint metal.