The feathers have been throughout history an object very used in the decoration. Both American, African tribes and European nobility used feathers to decorate themselves and to make their homes more attractive. A feather is light, soft and has an undeniable beauty. All these qualities make them a very interesting object when it comes to renovating the style of your house. The decoration with feathers allows giving of color of a unique appearance to the places where they are placed. Here are nine ideas for how you can decorate your house with feathers.

Decorating ideas with feathers

Use them in a vase. The feathers are beautiful. There are many colors and sizes. Those that are more striking can be used as a substitute for flowers. There is no need for many, as half a dozen long and stylized feathers, such as peacocks, can give a vase of incredible and unique strength. To create a dream catcher are a very popular ornament that usually uses feathers as the final ornament.

Generally round and with a network of threads in the interior, these objects have their origin in the Native Americans. Popular belief says that they filter the dreams of people while they sleep and they do divide the nightmares of positive dreams. For this reason, they are usually placed at the head of the beds. To realize a dream catcher it is necessary to make a circle with a wire that will later be covered with thread or leather.

Then a network is interwoven inside, leaving a small fact in the middle so that they can pass the dreams. It is in the final section, at the time of decorating the strings, when the feathers appear, Which endow the whole structure with greater visibility. They are usually feathers of small size and wide. The end result is a beautiful object with ethnic touches that will beautify your home.

The feathers are nice so it is not far-fetched to think about the option of framing them. Minimalism can be used and a picture of a single but brilliant pen can be made or a greater number can be collected and patterns and drawings can be made, just as sometimes illustrations are made using flowers or leaves of trees.

Once again, the attraction that the feathers produce can be used in our favor. In this case, we present the possibility of using them to make small objects. Simple earrings with a thread that hangs a soft pen will be a very original complement and that will bring an incredible design to its owner. In the same way, you can also use a pen as the centerpiece of a pendant. Its lightweight and its color will make it barely notice but that it can endow glamour to whoever takes it. Finally, there is also the possibility that they are included in brooches, making a boring object become dynamic and creative.

One of the modern trends in decoration is to group the feathers creating circular elements similar to the rosettes of the old Gothic cathedrals. For this, they are arranged concentrically and playing with colors and sizes, making the brightness of the feathers resemble that of stained glass when the sun passes. It can be used to decorate a wall, such as a centerpiece or even on the doors. We do not mean to use the feathers in the cushions inside like stuffing although it is also a mode very used throughout the years. Like exterior decoration. The cushions are often the top of a well-made bed or a clean sofa, so it is important to take care of their appearance. To decorate the cushions with feathers there are several options. One of them is to sew one or several pretty feathers directly on the front, making it automatically a beautiful object of adornment. On the other hand you can also sew small feathers of a homogeneous color at the edges of the cushion, making it soft to hug but also stylish.