The living room is one of the rooms leading from the house because it is where most often, hence the name !. Most living rooms should be multifunctional and have enough to fit comfortably whole family and visits space. This is easy if you have a large room. However, you may not have a large living room, especially if you live in an apartment or condo . Luckily, there are some things you can do to decorate a small living room that will make it appear larger.


Choose the right color paint. The colors of paint can transform a room dramatically. Small rooms should be painted with cool tones like gray, blue or green. Grey is a neutral color and gorgeous looks great in living rooms because it matches any color scheme. You can paint the ceiling a shade lighter than the walls, so that the room look taller and airy.

small living room

Hang the curtains near the ceiling. Chooses curtains that extend to the ground, and hang above the top of the window. Between four and six inches (10 to 15 cm) is a good height above. The curtains falling from the ceiling to the floor create the illusion of height and space in a small room.

Choose the right seats. Most companies manufacture furniture sofas size for condos (some call “sofas apartment”). It uses a combination of a flat couch and chair, or recliner. Two apartment sofas facing each other with a coffee table in the middle can also look good. Consider couches or chairs without armrests. They will make the space feel more open. Also, make sure not to have too much furniture as this will only give the room a cluttered appearance and make you look very crowded.

Choose furniture dual function. An ottoman or coffee table with hidden storage place is a good idea to hide piles of DVD. An entertainment center with bookshelves included allow you to show some decorative treasures, without introducing an independent library in a small space.

Create a large focal point. Using a large element seems contrary to decorating a small place, but adds a touch of style without feeling crowded. Place a large piece of art is much better than placing several small, which only serve to create a sense of disorder.

Use mirrors as they open a space and reflect light, making the room appear wider. Put a large mirror on the sofa, or opposite a window to capture the light side. You can also place several small mirrors together to create the feel of a big one.