A simple work where the color will be the protagonist: light tones such as blue, white or lilac, will create a warm and Mediterranean atmosphere in our home. With the help of you will be able to flood your living room with light and color. Transform a classic style lounge into a Mediterranean style, younger and cooler. With different shades of blue and lilac we will create an environment full of color typical of the coastal areas of the Mediterranean. An old bar and a sofa will be the only pieces that we will keep but to be able to integrate them in this new environment we will paint the furniture and cover the sofa with a clear cover.

decorate a living room

Before we start painting, we will leave the room completely empty. In order not to get dirty, we will cover the floor with a plastic. We will protect with corkscrew tape and brown paper all those areas that we are not going to paint.

Clean the ceiling of dust, so we can apply the paint properly. Repair cracks or holes in the walls with a spatula and filling paste. If necessary, we will sand the surface to be uniform. Next, we will trim with a brush the areas that we cannot reach with the roller. Proceed to paint with the roller: the ceiling with soft blue matte plastic paint. Walls that receive more light with a darker tone, those that are backlit with an intermediate blue and the remaining with lilac.

Review the bar unit with a delta sander, a tool that will allow us to easily and accurately sanding all edges and corners. We will use medium-grain sandpaper. After removing the dust produced when sanding the surface of the furniture, we will begin to paint with a gun. It has an adjustable nozzle, and a tank that we will load with a mixture that will contain broken white enamel and 20 percent solvent.

Create a mural with paper to paint watercolors that we will immerse in a bucket of indigo. We will dye the cards and we will move those creating compositions of marine inspiration. Then we will hang them in a stall with tweezers.