We show you an example to renovate the decoration of a bedroom with earth tones and giving a new life to some old trunks. In this article, we are going to see how to decorate a bedroom. The first thing we will do will be to paint the walls of the room with colors or stone tones. Next, we will see an option to give a second life to a pair of old trunks that will become the star pieces of the decoration.

Decorate the bedroom

Finally, we will paint the doors of a built-in wardrobe and a wooden chest of drawers. With these simple steps and a few additions complements and elements of decoration, we will complete the new decoration of this bedroom. Begin to paint the room with stone colors, which fit very well and create very natural environments. Specifically will be the Majestic Resist 1145 Band Stone.

The next step will be to give a new look to a pair of trunks. The metal areas will be polished and then apply a spray varnish to prevent them from being damaged again. The sides of the larger trunk that also has a wardrobe function we are going to cover with an adhesive vinyl. With a rag and a spatula, we will make sure not to leave bubbles or wrinkles. In the case of the drawers, we will cover the front with some decoupage papers. We will apply glue and then we will fix the papers. We will also apply glue on the paper to make it more protected.

For the interior of the drawers, we will use the technique of decoupage, and we will cover the piece with small pieces of paper. It is the turn of the built in closet that we will paint it of a more cheerful color. Before applying the color, we will sand the surface and apply a layer of primer. To finish decorating this bedroom in stone tones, we will place new accessories and elements of decoration that will bring a more personal touch to the room.