Who has not been fascinated by the beauty of a butterfly? Its perfect combination of beauty, fragility and mystery make it incomparable, able to embellish even the simplest creatures corner. If you want to make your own space of butterflies, our site offers you to create a garden with these creatures and gives you the basic tools to achieve it. Lets talk about Creating a butterfly garden.

butterfly garden

Butterfly habitat

It never has been able to define the exact place where they live butterflies, as these may be found anywhere. However, there are some considerations climatic factors that can influence their stay in certain areas. Warm environments are ideal for them, because they are cold-blooded insects; although this does not mean that there are butterflies in the cold region. These beautiful insects do not usually live under very cold temperatures, however, you may find them anywhere in the world except Antarctica and extremely dry and infertile deserts. However, what really determines where live butterflies is the availability of food in the area. A variety of flowers and plants able to satisfy their food and security requirements for their eggs. This is a must to ensure the presence of the butterflies look.

Butterfly garden, how do I create it?

If you’re wondering what a butterfly garden, here goes your definition: it is simply a garden with an exclusive design and concept to attract these insects. Butterfly gardens do not have a specific size, and can be made ​​both in your yard, your garden or a wilderness area near your home. Just knowing what will attract butterflies, and you can create your little garden for butterflies. To find out, we suggest you visit specialized portals like this . To prepare us for this items has given us much information. To begin to make your garden, it is important to develop a preliminary investigation that allows you characterize the area you have and the type of butterfly native to this area. Also, it is vital that you take detailed control of individuals that want to attract and plants they use for food and egg laying.

Plants to attract

Use native plants in the area, ensure that only the minimum care required, they can grow easily. Copies in adulthood, these plants live in your garden for long periods of time if they are provided also host plant, ie, those where they can lay their eggs. After learning what you need to plants, you should delve into the peculiarities of these and start planning how it will look your garden once you begin planting flowers and shrubs, to create you a rough idea of ​​how it will look your garden when completed and how much space you need for the. Consult a local nursery near your area of ​​residence to buy plants and flowers from your garden and to guide you on the appropriate copies to your goals. If there do not find any copies you need, you can consult the online catalogs of some market and select the bulbs and / or plants you want. Find good about how and when to plant them.

Bright flowers

If you want a truly beautiful and inhabited by multiple copies butterfly garden, you should prioritize the planting of flowers in different bright colors like red, yellow or purple. This, in addition to providing them the nectar they need, will add a unique richness of color to your garden. If you want you can use some accessories that turn your butterfly garden in a real home for them. You can cover the spot with a net or mesh that protects birds and adverse weather conditions, or provide them with an additional source of nectar that extract of flowers to ensure you always find food. Once completed these steps, you will have made a space dream that surely beautify your Sunday afternoons family. And with this little Eden of flying flowers, you will be contributing to the conservation of these winged creatures that have inspired both men.