We converted a simple room with white walls and austere furniture into a cool and elegant bedroom with frieze bed wall for a young couple. David and his girl found a chance and went off to buy an apartment. However, this pair of students and workers invested everything in the building and little left for the decoration. Get an elegant and cool bedroom for two.

couple bedroom

We begin the transformation by painting three of the grayish-green walls. Afterwards, we have placed a frieze with MD boards and matte white finish, creating an elegant, fresh and harmonious color contrast. The result is finished after adding a shelf that borders the entire frieze. In addition, because the small details are key in the decoration, we have fastened the shelf with some white and curved squares.

On the wall, we make a horizontal mark with body tape to create a horizontal line at 1.10 m height of separation as we will place a frieze at the bottom. The mark is indicative, more or less indicates where we have to paint because underneath will be coated with white lamas up to half height. The top half of the wall will be painted greenish gray. With the brush, we will make the edges and with the roller the rest of the surface protecting the ceiling with body tape.

We will create a frieze with DM boards with a matte finish that will dress the room. They measure 2.40 m and we will cut them in half, 1.2 m. We turn the piece, we take the measurements, and we make a mark in 1.20 m. Prepare the jigsaw to cut the pieces, always from the upside down side, so that the chipped cut with chips is hidden against the wall. All the pieces are cut and with the tongue and groove system with adhesive mounting are mounted with adhesive.

The cut pieces are placed on the wall. Start with a board, apply several points of adhesive in the back and stick against the wall starting at the corner, moving the piece to distribute the adhesive. Press and place one after another. For the sockets, we have cut off the light and removed the plug. When we meet with one on the wall, we place the edge of the mud and mark on the inner side the two sides of the plug to cut the mud and leave that hole free by sticking it on the wall.

So that the edges cannot be seen in the corner without finishing, edges with adhesive are placed. To place the adhesives, cut the piece to the desired size and stick it on the edge passing the iron that melts the glue, with a wooden block press and with a blade. We cut flush to remove the surplus. The squares will serve to fasten the shelves to the lamas of the wall and between them. To place the squares, use a pencil to mark the size of the slots and insert the screws top and bottom into the slab to fix the square to the wall, to the shelf above and to the next shelf.