Imagine a world without packaging; civilization as we know it would not be the same. Packaging has immensely improved the lifestyle of people, has allowed for cheaper and convenient ways of transporting and storing goods and ensured the smooth running of our global economy. Packaging as a method has been around for a long time, even before the dawn of civilization and since then has taken many forms. If you want to learn more about packaging and buy necessary packaging you can visit In this article, we discuss the most common types used today.


Cardboard is undoubtedly one of the most common types of packaging. Cardboard has made its use in packaging for variety of large devices such televisions, refrigerators, and air conditioners. It is also used in transporting items from one point to another such as when moving homes and taking products from the manufacturers to the market. Normally the item(s) it carries is already wrapped in a protective material such as bubble wrap or hard plastic. Cardboard is environmental friendly, being biodegradable and recyclable.



From plastic bags to military grade boxes, plastic packaging is everywhere.Cheap to manufacture, highly durable and coming in a variety of forms, it is the most common type of packaging, being used in storing food items ( butter, snacks jams, sweets ), transport of user goods (containers ,plastic bags , encasing of devices), and for moving and storing chemicals (acids, liquid soap, bleachetc). However plastic is not bio degradable and therefore can cause many environmental problems which is why many are opting for alternatives.


Commonly used in packaging of liquid food items such as milk and juices, it is strong ,durable and light, it is made of  up of a complex design of several layers of plastic, paper and aluminum, making it very hard to recycle as well.


Commonly used in storage and preservation of food items and beverages(with canning being the most common method)as wellas in transport in the form of shipping containers.Metals such as tin, steel, and aluminum are good choices due to being solid, strong, and durableand are very easy to recycle as they can be easily separable from other items using magnets and do not change properties upon being melted. Aluminum is also used in the form of sheets to cover food items like chocolates and sandwiches.


Despite being fragile, glass has been used in packaging from ancient times.It is primarily used in storing liquids (wine, juice, fragrance, tonics) and non- solid food items (jam,Peanut, butter and honey). It has found packaging use in biology and chemistry labs. It can be reused for packaging numerous times and is recyclable.


This type of packaging is used for items that are either fragile or sharp such as glasses, electronic devices and furniture. They are usually custom made to ensure they cover the product perfectly.


Finally, wooden barrels and crates have been in used for a long time and still are popular. They are mostly used in shipping food items such as fruits and vegetables.