Drinks are very delicate and you have to take special care in cleaning so that they are clean and bright. Although the cleaning procedure is the same as applied to clean the glassware, we are going to relate some additional tips and tricks. Ideally add warm water to the cups after use to prevent stains to dry and facilitate subsequent washing, but if you forget to put them to soak before washing leaves a few minutes each cup with warm water and a drop of vinegar.


To clean the glasses by hand ideally wear rubber gloves to prevent slipping. In addition, you can use a plastic bowl because if we use delicate parts avoid breakage. Lava crown by holding the base, apply warm water and mild soap to prevent odor absorbing glass. Do not use scouring pads, the glasses are delicate and need a soft sponge, nor too hot water.

Drying clean

Ideally for drying the glasses is to use a cloth able to remove any stain or fingerprint, take the cup at the base introduces the rag into the cup and go spinning. To bring you extra shine after washing goes a cotton ball with white vinegar and water and let it air dry.

Dishwasher cleaning

For its delicacy, not wash the cups at very high temperatures and uses best short washes. In addition, if you do not use a dishwasher detergent quality wear and tarnishing can occur. The vessels may leave covered by a white film an irreversible state if the glass is cut ie, slightly opaque by the alkaline detergent. If only there is a deposit of lime, the acid in the vinegar will help remove it.

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