How to clean house? Is one of the questions that, increasingly, many women ask themselves. You get to the point where your house is a mess without end? Then maybe it’s time to roll up our sleeves and start making an order and cleanliness. But how to clean house in the best way without getting to evening dead tired?

Yes, because, often, to understand how to clean house is not so obvious as is commonly thought. Even in the clean house , in fact, it is always good to follow a logical or guidelines that help optimize the work time. This way you will avoid too much effort, being able to have a house always clean and tidy with minimal effort. If, then, just do not know how to clean house from the sun, the solution is at hand: ask for help from your partner. Do not be too happy, but you will definitely find a way to make you forgive …

how to clean house

How to clean the blinds

Shutters, as do the curtains, are a real reservoir of dust. Precisely for this reason, to have a house always clean and fragrant, you should give special attention to the cleaning of blinds. How to clean blinds? A quick solution is to use a soft brush to remove dust particles larger. Proceed through a soft sponge soaked with specific products suited to the type of blinds. Finally, wipe everything with a soft cloth to prevent stains remain on the surface.

How to clean the bedroom

The bedroom seems the area of the home easier to clean. In reality it is not so, because in the bedroom, in addition to eliminating dust on the shelves and tables, it would be good also to devote attention to the mattress. Before making the bed in the morning, try to refresh the mattress to always give a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. How do? Simple: add a few drops of lavender, rosemary or rose essential oil in a bowl of warm water. Dip a clean cloth and pass lightly. Con this little trick your bedroom will always seem just as clean.

How to clean the mirrors

Clean the mirrors is essential to give that impression of shiny and cleanliness in the house. In many cases, it is thought that the specific products for windows and mirrors are ideal for a deep cleaning. But it is not so. To wash windows and mirrors in the best way, use a solution of warm water (or warm) and degreasing soap for dishes. Dip a soft cloth in the solution-scratch and begin to wipe the surface interstate. your mirrors and glass was never the brightest.

How to clean the kitchen

And now, little tips to bring your kitchen in perfect add-on. Tra all rooms of the house, an eye goes to the kitchen, the room which, usually, it is always difficult to keep in order. The reality, the trick is all in two simple steps: wash or arrange the dishes in the dishwasher and remove all garbage. In fact, once placed the dishes in the dishwasher, the kitchen looks much more tidy and organized. The same goes in the garbage: an element of space and prone to enact bad odors, which would neutralize your cleaning job.