The curtains in natural fibers such as cotton and linen allow light to pass through them thus achieving a brighter room. Ideal when we want to give prominence to the decoration and leave the windows in the background.

The perfect size

The length of the curtains is another important aspect to keep in mind. An expert trick is to hit add 15 centimeters to the length of the window. If we want to give a dramatic touch to the decoration we can make the curtains drag on the floor but in this case, we will have to add another 10 centimeters. In any case, when choosing the size of the curtains it is interesting to add a few extra centimeters. Although everything depends on the material, the curtains tend to shrink after the first wash.

Living Room Curtains

The fastening system

The fastening system is almost as important as the design and material. There are different options within our reach. The ring system is the most comfortable as they glide very well and adapt to all kinds of fabrics. Another option is the buttonholes. In this case, the rings are incorporated in the curtain itself. A system that has a drawback is that if the fabric is quite heavy there is a risk that the system will not support the weight and the fabric will tear.

We can also choose to belt loops. In this case, the curtain has finished a strip that moves through the bar. But if you prefer a romantic touch, nothing better than bonds. Although these last two options are convenient to use with purely decorative curtains that use little, as they are not intended for daily use. In here, we recommend you take into account the design of the curtain.

The advantage of the smooth curtains is that not go out of style and they are incredibly versatile. In addition, smooth designs recharge less space. If the living room is decorated in neutral tones and you want to incorporate a special detail that will help you transform the decoration, embossed curtains may be the solution you are looking for.

Small details that make the difference

Last but not least, we must not forget the small details that will further enhance the windows. We refer, for example, the decorative curtain holders. In this case, try to combine a curtain with sumptuous fall with a curtain. The key to success is to choose the same color, but in different shades. You can opt for a darker blind to give prominence to this curtain or vice versa.