You need to have the basic knowledge of building materials that we will use in lifting our house, the brick is one of the most commonly used materials , now practically see each (only used for construction and finishing houses), to properly start the self-responsible construction we intend to Build Home . The first part is to give out the type of bricks and bricks to finish second, started then. Bricks and stone choosing for you home are not easy task; it is somewhat difficult for that you could choose Columbus Ohio brick paver patios.

Choosing Brick and Stone

Types of brick house:

Each brick has different capabilities according strength and durability to the materials with which it was manufactured.

Baked clay brick

It is used for multiple brick buildings, has no holes and is made of baked clay ovens, manufacturing is mostly handmade.

Perforated brick earth

This brick that unlike the first mentioned is that by having holes allow entry of the mortar or concrete wall thus are more resistant.

Singing perforated brick

Also used on ceilings and walls, being practically hollow reduce the load, however currently the builders choose more lightweight materials such as Styrofoam or polystyrene when the form work is made with reinforced concrete ceilings.

This material is mostly used in rustic houses of field or complex single level, is made of mud drying in direct sunlight, the point for Adobe is having thermal capacity but on the other hand is very weak in resistance being due to use other types of construction technologies in order to maintain a safe house.

There are basically four types of bricks used in housing construction, for safe self- select the brick oven heated if good drilling with mud are also very creative designs of houses (including hotels mud) but its use demand use other knowledge and skills to maintain safe housing as using steel mesh and wooden boards and cables.

Decorative brick wall

Once you have chosen a wall left with one or all exposed view, it is time to choose the type of brick that constitute the Wall, classify into two so you can easily understand and can begin construction.

Decorative brick

Once the wall has been completed the exposed brick that maintain their lines and defined contours are noticed, after placement can even paint with glaze to add glitter or just leave it with texture and natural tone.

Decorative brick wall rustic

If you want to give your home a rustic touch to interior or exterior, choose a rustic brick, this is simply characterized by imperfect edges, the end I can give the rooms a unique style.

Decorative floor tile

The bricks that are placed on floors have greater resistance to movement of people but maintain that warm finish you are looking for, mostly these flats are placed on patios, terraces, gardens and even parks, the effect achieved is cozy and unique. There are variety of floor tile designs both in form and color, choose the one that best suits your design.

Finally combining different types of bricks according to the design or model. You want to make your home a comfortable place and especially durable in time. Another way to ensure long lasting durability is to us Steel Building materials when actually building your house. This will make your house durable on the inside and the outside.