Originating in Scandinavia, duvets have become the preferred choice for many people to shelter bed with softness, comfort and quality throughout the year. Duvets provide good thermal insulation they are incredibly versatile and the best option not only for winter but during the warm seasons like summer and spring. It depends, of course, the place where we live and the needs of each person.


Types of duvets

If anyone knows of shelter and protection from the cold and inclement weather are undoubtedly, the inhabitants of the Nordic countries. Perhaps that is why the duvets are so successful. The secret lies in the lightness of feathers or down, which retain heat better. Before shopping, we must consider several aspects such as the type of filler and weight.

If you look at the type of filler we can classify them into two groups natural feather and synthetic fiber. Duvets filled with natural feather tend to have more volume, because they have more air chambers thus increasing the thermal insulation. Therefore, this type of duvet is especially recommended for trifles or for those who live in cold climates people. Within the natural feather duvets those of down which are the most caloric. When we talk about natural feathers, we refer to as bird feathers goose, goose and others. The downy are characterized by the softest part because they do not have the cane pen.

To warm people

For the hottest or for those living in temperate climates quilts nothing better than people Nordic synthetic fibers. These quilts have fewer pens thus providing less warm. Another great advantage is that you are an allergic.

A heavier weight, greater coat

Another aspect that we must consider when choosing our duvet is the weight which could be defined as the density of the filler having the quilt. This density is measured in grams per square meter and sees in tags expressed as follows: gr / m2. The interpretation is much easier than you imagine a greater amount, more coats. Before you purchase your duvet do not forget to check the label and the instructions specified by the manufacturer for care and maintenance.

In addition, to complete our little guide, we explain some important details that you should consider to choose the pillows, which are the final change for a warm and comfortable bed. In any specialized trade, you will find different types of firmness that can be classified as low, medium and high. Pillows with low firmness are the most versatile and adaptable, so they are recommended for people who sleep face down. This is a soft pillow, which allows a more natural and comfortable for the head and neck posture.