Unique kitchen designs should always be in line with the home’s original design, especially if it is an older home. However, a unique design can often still fit with a an older home’s design and be amazingly unique in the realms of Steampunk, medieval, rock and roll, sci-fi, fandom, retro, or ultra futuristic. Miketaylorbespokekitchens.co.uk asks, “What will you choose?”

Choosing a Kitchen Theme

Before you start using kitchen design software, approach your new kitchen project with your own tastes and hobbies in mind. Do you have a love of a particular artwork, artists, or art era? Do you love the outdoors, camping, hiking, or boating? Or perhaps you adore sci-fi or futuristic movies? Think about how far you would like such an inspiration to drive your dream kitchen remodel project.

Consider your home’s historical value and current designs in other rooms before you start your project. If you are planning a severe retro or ultra modern look, think about whether this will add resale value to the home and if it fits in nicely with the home’s original design and the design of other homes in the area. There are many ways to create a unique kitchen that can add love and heart to your home for years to come.

Paint Colours

The design of paint colours for the kitchen can have a significant impact on how well your new design is received. For instance, if the rest of your home is painted in beiges or whites and you have no intention of updating the paint,then you might want to reconsider the darker or brighter kitchen paint colour choices, which can give the kitchen a one-off feeling. If nothing else, a unique paint colour choice can be a terrific conversation starter and draw attention to the most utilised space in a home.

Complementary Cabinetry and More

Complete the look and achieve your dream kitchen by choosing the right cabinetry, counters, back-splashes, and appliances. It’s not just the colour themes you choose or the fact that you decided to re-tile your floors in pennies, completing the look means choosing the right style to suit a unique feature. How do the cabinets you chose fit with the appliances, back-splashes, wall colours, and furniture? Can you choose a unique tile pattern for the back splash or marble counter tops to add a bit of glamour and longer durability to the counters?

Be Strategic

Remodelling your kitchen takes redesigning your kitchen with each key feature in mind coming together in a harmonious blend of beautiful and practical. By keeping your home’s historical value and design era in mind, along with your favourite hobby or inspiration idea, you can then choose the right custom kitchen designs to make your kitchen, the heart of your home, a delightfully refreshing and cosy place to live. Remember to go in with a strategy and a brilliant design idea and choose key items to complement your original theme idea for a kitchen that is a work of art for years to come.