When decorating a child’s bedroom the possibilities are endless, we have a multitude of ideas and colors to liven up the space where our children will grow, play, dream and be happy. No limit to the amount of detail that can be used to brighten the bedrooms, whether in the form of vinyl records, drawings, toys, carpets, cushions, bedding, lamps, furnishings and many others. In creating this fantasy world your children can participate, since generally very young have preferences for certain colors and cartoons. Give voice to your child and share with him some of these ideas full of color, we find in these creative children’s bedrooms.

children's bedrooms

Bedroom energizing vibrant colors

The focus in this bedroom is undoubtedly the multitude of vibrant hues, where green, orange and red are the protagonists. These colors are an injection of energy and vitality for children. Create a small study area as shown, is critical if we motivate our children early to perform their duties.

Bedroom with pink eclectic style

This bedroom will delight any little girl who adores the color pink, something that happens very often. It has been decorated in soft white and pink, with some other subtle touches of color. Now we find many rooms decorated in an eclectic style where elements from different eras are mixed, as in this case we see retro style furniture, modern accessories and shabby in the floral touches curtains. The pendants round screens are a unique decorative detail in this feminine bedroom.

Children’s bedroom with king-size beds

The bed of this bedroom is a great solution if you have few meters and our children must share a room. The design includes a bunk bed and a trundle bed with simple lines, fail twice the vertical space and make enough extra space if a party pajamas. Kids will love these designs are new spaces for them to play.

Themed Bedroom for child

The themed bedrooms are fun and you can get creative by choosing the motives or animated characters that adorn the space. Such is the case of this child’s bedroom specially designed for men, they have been used as grounds for car decoration. Stresses the original car-shaped bed vibrant red, some toys such subtle details in the rest of the furniture. The combination of different prints on the walls works great. Worth playing with textures and colors in an unforeseeable manner.

Children’s bedroom full of ideas

Full color has been decorated this room, which highlights the original border that simulates a road. You can exploit all the magic that provide decorative ribbons, infant and bumper stickers adorn the walls. We also see some drawers to organize the toys under the bed, good carpet to be used as playground and even a fun personalized puff. The bedding is another resource that color and creativity is introduced in this nursery. This design brings much inspiration and most importantly shows that the disorder also has a place in a child’s bedroom.