The decor is something that never ceases to evolve and we are always looking at new products that can help give a completely different look to our home. In this post, we present one of the latest trends there today, home with decorative vinyls. Do you want to forget the wallpaper and paint? Now you no longer have only those two options when decorating the walls of your home.

Bathroom and kitchen

Decorate the walls of the wet rooms of the house such as the bathroom and kitchen, it can be something simpler than we imagine. In the market we can find vinyl’s treated to withstand moisture without problem these spaces and create the atmosphere that we always wanted, whether we want drawings of geometric shapes, relaxing landscapes, motivational messages, etc.

Change the look of your home with decorative vinyls

Living room

The living room is one of the rooms where more time is often also move from the room, and is one of the places where we can let our imaginations run wild to create a different atmosphere. One of the advantages that the decals are that they allow to be removed very easily, allowing us to change styles whenever we want. In large walls, they are usually placed stickers degraded landscapes or even put them fully customized.

Children’s rooms

Loa stickers are essential for a child’s room. In the market, we have many different proposals to add a touch of magic to the rooms of the little ones. No matter if you want to decorate your room your cartoon characters, recreating the universe of Star Wars, super heroes, artists or athletes always find a vinyl that suits your tastes.

In the rooms for adults happens as in the rest of the house, the decorative vinyl need not cover an entire wall but can be only areas. Therefore, we can put a vinyl as motivating message, geometric shapes, a landscape or something as simple as a valance. In addition, we can find them in many different colors, both plain and textured, something we should not only take to the wall but also for furniture.