Decorate your home with leather furniture is a popular choice and that brings a unique touch to any home. And it is that are many options to choose from traditional sofas and leather armchairs to tables or chairs from real leather. However, such objects require a series of basic care to preserve its original appearance and stay like new. Therefore, we explain step by step how to care for leather furniture and help keep it as beautiful as the first day.

caring for leather furniture

Leather furniture bring a touch always very elegant and stately to any home, but the fact is that also require some special care to keep them in top condition. Thus, placement will be one of the key factors, since we treat the sunlight does not shine directly on our leather sofas, nor should be placed next to a heat source such that a heater or stove . Otherwise, the leather will crack and will age rapidly, it is even possible that some kind of leather reaches be discolored by the sun.

The care of leather furniture should be daily and not just reduced to a single event or to carry out when the furniture is soiled or damaged. It will therefore be essential to maintain leather furniture clean of dust -That eternal enemy covering all surfaces in the home – and for this you must avail yourself of a cloth or soft cloth, the microfiber be good allies.

Thus, the powder will need to regularly take away to prevent buildup; thus, in addition to passing the cloth, you can avail yourself of the vacuum cleaner to remove all dirt. Collocate a small head in order to clean the tricky spots, as can be under the cushions of a leather sofa.

Another measure to cure your leather furniture will be applied with some frequency products that help keep the leather in perfect condition , and that being natural skin require regular hydration to prevent drying. To do this, you may purchase a specific product for treating leather furniture -type oil, cream or similar- you can find in supermarkets and drugstores. You will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the frequency of use and application of this type of conditioning.

Although it is not advisable, some people choose home remedies like applying moisturizing cream or skimmed milk on the leather surfaces to ensure hydration.

Conversely, it is not indicated clean leather with soap and water or any other product containing generic cleaning chemicals, as might be too aggressive for natural skin and spoil immediately. So, if you pour that liquid on your leather furniture, you must clean it immediately with a dry cloth or absorbent paper towel. Thus, penetrate and prevent it from drying, thereby forming a spot on the skin.