Lighting plays such an important role in the home. It makes your home bigger, more inviting and makes it look fresher. Things look cleaner when there is better light so it is a good idea to make sure that it is a high priority for you. Do you have some features in your home that could look so much better if they were lit up? Something like a fireplace can look so much more striking if it is lit up by some small lights by the side of it.

Lighting in your kitchen is so important. It can make the room look larger but also make it look so much more classy and expensive. Having hidden lights that shine above the countertops is a great addition to have. They bounce light all over the room and add a different dimension to the room. It offers a practical benefit too because then it makes using the countertops easier to work from.


Chandeliers are a great addition to the home. There are only some rooms where they work the best, though. This style of light looks great in an entrance hall. It gives off such an amazing first impression to people stepping in for the first time. It offers a lot of bright light too. Dining rooms are also a great place to have a chandelier. Having one over the dining table, in the centre of the room draws attention to the table. As it is the main feature in the room, this is a definite plus.

In living room areas it is a good idea to get a few lamps and floor lamps. This is an area of the house that you will want to create mood lighting. You might not always want every light on, so then using the lamps and floor lamps is a fantastic way to have some light. You could also get a dimmer switch for the room. Being able to adjust the brightness of the main lights is a big benefit. Candles are a great feature for a living area too. They look great but also can be used as a romantic light source.

If you have small rooms, then a great thing to add is plenty of mirrors. Mirrors will help to make the light you’ve got, look so much better. It will make the room look brighter, lighter and larger. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors can make such a difference. Other ways to make small rooms lighter and brighter, is to get rid of any heavy, thick and long curtains. They can make the room look smaller, and can drown out a lot of the light. Choosing thinner curtains that cover just the window will open up the room and add light. Roman blinds are a great option too, as you can adjust how much light that you let in. You could even hang crystals on a little bit of wire and hang them from the windows. This will sparkle and reflect light all over the room.

What ways do you think helps to improve the lighting in your home?