It might sound like an obvious statement; of course a new home is better than an old home. Everything that is new is better than anything that is old, surely? Not necessarily. There are advantages of buying both new and old homes and it boils down to what you need. What are you specific aims and goals for your home? Here are a few reasons why brand spanking new homes fit the criteria for a lot of buyers.


A lot of old homes are incredibly big, which is not always a good thing. Families can get lost in big homes, not literally, and the space ends up not being used. Just think of all the homes that have multiple living rooms that never get used. Of course, families need the space to stay out of each other’s hair, but you don’t want space going unused because it will end up costing you money. The amount of energy it takes to warm any room up is high and the bill will reflect that fact.

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Better Safety Measures

New regulations and housing legislation for the twenty-first century means that new houses are incredibly safe. They have to be. Otherwise they wouldn’t pass the health and safety restrictions. As a result, almost every base is covered in a new home, from fire doors and Yale lock improvements to fire retardant building materials and building methods. Old houses used to have asbestos in the loft or attic. You certainly won’t find materials like that in new homes.

Energy Costs

It isn’t just the amount of space that affects energy costs; there are a lot of other factors that are involved. But, new houses have these bases covered. Because they need to be built to a higher standard and better quality, they installed with the best products and latest technology. Double glazing and loft and cavity insulation are just two of the many measures that are incorporated into every new house. As a result, heat cannot escape as easily as it could in an old house, so you don’t spend extra money replacing the heat that was lost.

Warranty Has You Covered

Like any new product you buy, new homes have a warranty that covers you should anything go wrong. Of course, the warranty only covers problems that occur which are not your fault, but it is better than no cover at all which is the case with buying an old home. A lot of people might suggest that a warranty is a bad sign, but it is just a backup plan in case problems arise. Unfortunately, everything doesn’t go to plan all of the time.

It’s Brand New

It’s obvious, but it makes a lot of difference. No one has lived there previously so you don’t have to worry about past damage. Also, you don’t have to worry about stamping your mark on the property. Often, old houses still have the ghost of their past owners. New houses, however, are a blank space for you do with them what you want.