A one bedroom and living room that are together often are called study. There may or may not have a goal for the kitchen. Sometimes the kitchen is just a small space with a refrigerator, a stove with four burners and a microwave placed in the corner of the room. Decorating a bedroom and a living room that are in the same space is a challenge in order to maintain the privacy and also have a space for guests and area entertainment.

 Dual function

Each object in a small studio or bedroom with sitting area, must have a dual function, as space is limited. Select a desktop that becomes a dining table for two or four people. Or choose a table that has a hinged extension and you can reload the wall. The table can be used as a desktop and become a dining table. Choose a sofa that becomes a bed or use a futon. Try the mattress to make sure it is comfortable. A twin bed with a pleated sheath and a quilt to fit can be a sofa during the day with pillows as backups and a bed for the night. Use baskets with lids and side tables.

bedroom and living room


No matter what you do with a queen size bed or one double bed, always look like a bed. It is inconvenient to have friends of the opposite sex visiting when the bed is in sight. Place the bed in a place that is not visible. Put the bed at one end of the room away from the entrance. Use a Japanese Shoji screen, curtains or blinds that hang from the ceiling to the floor to hide the sleeping area. To divide the areas you can use blinds, a screen or booksellers. Have removable or adjustable dividers allow you to change the place and have a more spacious look when you’re home alone.



Defines color

Even in small spaces can have different functions. The dining room, bedroom, office and entertainment space can be differentiated by color, maintaining a homogeneous appearance. The trick is to choose colors in the same tones. Your main color scheme could be the cornflower blue and chocolate brown. The area of bedroom is dark with these colors, so the quilt can be blue sapphire, while dark brown pillows. The cornflower blue highlights on windows and chocolate brown accessories. In the entertainment area you can use the light blue and light chocolate. The room still flows because the color scheme remains blue and brown, but each area is a little different.