If you would like a durable floor that is absolutely gorgeous for a really reasonable price, you should think of installing concrete floors and enhancing them with the acid wash process. Bathroom remodeling can be very expensive, and the flooring is one of the biggest expenses in the room. Acid washing concrete can give your floor the look of marble and you will not spend anywhere near the price you would spend on marble.

If you go online you can find many web sites that sell the kits to allow you to do an acid washed floor for yourself. They even have detailed step by step instructions with pictures to help you through the process. The concrete does have to cure or age before the treatment can be applied.

bathroom remodeling

You will clean the floor according to the instructions on your acid wash and you apply the actual acid wash, and then you neutralize the acid with an application of baking soda and water. After all of that is done you will need to apply a sealer on the floor, and you will periodically need to reapply a sealer to keep the floor looking beautiful.

The acid wash can be purchased in several different colors, and you can even do layouts with tape so that you can make a design pattern using one color, and then do the other areas in a different color. You will need to make certain you have proper ventilation during this process, and be prepared to spend about three days completing it.

It will be worth the effort you put into it. You will have a beautiful floor that hardly cost you anything, and you will have a floor that will not rot, or deteriorate. These are important points in the bathroom because of the amount of water exposure the floor gets, and the amount of humidity that is always in the air. You can get an estimate on the remodeling job online or from a local contractor.

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