The change of environment, keep the windows open because of the heat or not properly clean every corner of the home make dust is accumulated and give a neglected appearance to our house. All particles forming the powder also give a picture not only of dirt but can ultimately affect your health and that of your family. we explain how to avoid dust at home. Learn these tips and find the key and perfect tricks to prevent house dust from building up in every corner of your home. It’s very easy!

house dust

First, you will improve the air quality in your home. This factor is the main problem of dust , it is the air who is responsible for transporting the particles and leave them anywhere. To ensure better quality, we recommend avoiding the windows open too. Although many people see it as a good method of ventilation, you should know that the outside air will also bring your tents other particles such as pollen or dust itself. The best option to cool and ventilate the rooms will be using the air conditioning.

Another key to improving air quality and ventilation of the home trick is to change and control air filters both heating apparatus and air conditioning . The filters tend to get dirty and damaged, so if you are not in good condition, can be an accumulation of dust on the equipment influencing also at home. Ideally change, roughly once a month. If you use a heat pump, we recommend placing a cheesecloth on the grids of this, so get the air filter properly.

Although we have mentioned that having the windows open for a long time is not positive, you should not neglect the airy home. We recommend you do it for hours. The best time to ventilate the home is first thing in the morning and evening. Both are times when it will not come much dust and pollen, and can keep your home fresh and clean. Remember that dust can enter anywhere, so we recommend placing a mat outside the door to catch the dust and so avoid strain below.

Do you like carpet ? Well you should know that are one of the decorative elements that trap and collect dust and mites. We advise you to get rid of them. Otherwise, you should keep very clean by routine maintenance. The best practice to avoid dust accumulation is to opt for wooden floors .

And carpets, there are many other types of fabrics that collect dust. Therefore we recommend avoiding them to decorate your home. Decorate your home with items that can be easily cleaned with water and a rag and so avoid the accumulation of dust.

Keep your room clean every day. Dust thinks sleep can seriously affect your health, because it will not let you breathe properly or can aggravate your allergies. This room should be clean and away from dust daily. If you have a carpet in your room, clean it with steam at least once a week.

Finally, remember to establish a routine cleaning and maintenance of your home. While the pace of life is very high, you should not neglect these habits, because otherwise accumulate a lot of dust inside the home. You should be more attentive to the cleaning during the summer months, because the house is more open and more often enter dust particles.